Over 40 events over the ten days of the festival will join together local and visiting choirs in shared concerts, singing workshops, church services and bar nights. Click on the links below to find out more about the concerts that you are interested in!

Church services
خدمات الكنيسة
Celebration concerts
حفلات الاحتفال
Opera highlights with Dima Bawab
أفضل المقتطفات الاوبرالية  مع ديما بوابOpera_Highlights_afdl_almqttfat_alawbralyt.html
Children’s choir concerts
 حفلات جوقة الاطفال
Lunchtime concerts
حفلات وقت الغداء
Outdoor concerts
حفلات موسيقية في الهواء الطلقOutdoor_concerts_hflat_mwsyqyt_fy_alhwa_altlq.html
Bar nights
ليالي الحاناتBar_nights_lyaly_alhanat.html

11–20 August 2016

Joint choral concerts
الحفلات الكورالية مشتركةJoint_Choral_Concerts_alhflat_alkwralyt_mshtrkt.html

For a full festival schedule, click here:

Palestine Choral Festival 2016 Schedule (downloads as a PDF)