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These special, large-scale concerts will each feature over 100 musicians on stage together to celebrate the power and joy of joining together to sing as well as showcasing individual choirs in a major venue. The closing event of the Palestine Choral Festival will be the Gala Celebration Concert in Ramallah Cultural Palace, showcasing a number of highlights from the festival and finishing with around 200 singers performing together.

Celebration Concerts حفلات الاحتفال

Friday 19th August

19.00        Bethlehem - Dar Annadwa         دار الندوة الدولية، بيت لحم

Bethlehem Choirs Celebration Concert     (10 NIS)         حفل جوقات بيت لحم الاحتفالي

Choir of London, The Australian Voices, Palestine Sings (Gaza) and 10 choirs from the Bethlehem area

جوقة لندن, الأصوات الاسترالية, جوقة فلسظين تغني (غزة)، عشر جوقات من منطقة بيت لحم

19.00        Bir Zeit - Nassib Aziz Shaheen Auditorium مسرح نسيب شاهين - جامعة بيرزيت

Youth Choirs Concert        حفل جوقات للشباب

Choeur Régional Hauts de France, The Choir of St Peter's College Choir, Palestine Girls' Choir, Gaza Youth Choir,  Yasmeen

كورال هوه دي فرانس الإقليمي، جوقة كلية القديس بطرس، جامعة أكسفورد، جوقة فلسطين للشابات، جوقة غزة للشباب، جوقة ياسمين

Saturday 20th August

19.00        Ramallah Cultural Palace         قصر رام الله الثقافي

Final massed choirs concert حفل الختام

Over 20 Palestinian and international choirs

11–20 August 2016

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