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Don’t miss this opportunity to catch local pop singer Lina Sleibi, who will join with a live string section to perform a set of her own songs. And if you’re feeling left out with all this amazing music-making going on, don’t worry – Open House Ensemble from Australia invite you to bring along your musical instruments and voices and join them for a jam session!

Bar nights ليالي الحانات

Monday 15th August

20.30        Beit Jala - Hosh Jasmin         حوش ياسمين، بيت جال

Wednesday 17th August

21.00   Ramallah - Café La Vie    رام الله -كافيه لا في

Friday 19th August

21.30    Bethlehem - Beit Jeddi     بيت لحم - بيت جدي

11–20 August 2016

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